About Ettihad Consulting Group

Ettihad Consulting Group


Founded in 2008 “Ettihad Consulting Group” is an umbrella of multidisciplinary consulting solutions including, but not limited to, Financial, Management, Tax, Advisory, HR, Operational, Environmental, IT, Software, Marketing, legal and many more. Trust and transparency are our core values and we are providing solutions based on the customer requirements.

Our business model is unique and we cater to the customer needs by evaluating the industry, size, financial position, domain expertise, resource pool etc of the client and always providing cost effective and bespoke solutions. We differ from template consulting by solving client problems using client strengths and minimizing consulting costs with maximum return.,

We are a consulting hypermarket, who associate with the experts of every field, from the region and across the global to serve our clients. We cater to all industries, irrespective of the size of companies and select domain experts based on the complexity of the problem. The Ettihad Consulting Group, with differences in backgrounds, cultures, and expertise also comes a collective strength that powers and unites team. Our team work together cohesively and effectively with great analytical and interpersonal skills and an eagerness to thrive in the workplace.

The Ettihad Consulting Group continue to create a thriving working environment for our consultants, business services team, and leadership team. The leadership team, which consists of partners from various countries, covers a client base of leading firms in financial services, consumer goods, retail, health care,pharma, energy, utilities, industrial goods, private equity, media, education, advertisement and ecommerce.