Get Investment

Starting a business is an exciting thing but finding finance is the difficult part for every entrepreneur. Now a days countries are in a race to set up the best start up eco systems but still it is limited to a few sectors. There are dedicated funds for fintech, pharma , e-com, agritech etc. So finding out the right fund for the right business and getting it financed is a mountainous task.

That is all about start ups what about existing companies?

Growth comes with a price, technology upgrades, expanding production, increasing manpower, expanding the reach, all these requires money and the options available to the SME business owner are two; either borrowing or seeking investment.

Ettihad Consulting Group assists companies with good track record to find out solutions to solve their financial needs by providing a prospective list of investors, negotiating with them and finalizing the deal.

Ettihad Consulting Group provides the following services for disinvestment

  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Market Research
  • Valuation
  • Finding out prospective buyer
  • Negotiating with the buyer on behalf of the company
  • Legal services to transfer the ownership.
  • Transition management support
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Strategic planning and Performance Management

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