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Every retailers and F&B owners dream of making their business like McDonald or Starbuck or Baskin Robbins but it is not that easy. Franchising is all about usp of the product and the company, professional documentation of the transaction, skill augmentation, knowledge sharing and replicating the success. To have a successful franchise model, everything starting from the profitability of the company, USPs of the company and product, quality of the resources, location of the franchisee, tastes of customers from the proposed location, and many more parameters should be considered.

We at TECG provide the following services:

  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Process automation and updation
  • Performance Management
  • Registration and documentation to meet regional legislation
  • Franchise agreement and/or other contracts
  • Franchise disclosure document
  • Operations manual
  • Brand policies and procedures
  • Determining territories and exclusivity
  • Franchise fees/royalties
  • Training and support

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