Seeking Consulancy

Every companies, from SMEs to MNCs, it is inevitable to seek consulting and advisory support to get processes streamlined, implement cost-saving initiatives, to solve problems in HR, to implement multi-level restructuring, considering brand proliferation measures, compliance and legal advices, Tax planning and management, Merger& Acquisitions, Demerger and Disinvestment, IT Enterprise Support, PR& Digital Marketing and a lot more. Consultants can help your enterprise do all this and more. But how do you choose the right firm?

Obvious aspects to consider are of course the track record of the consultancy, their price point and the references. But most of the companies don’t have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate the ability, knowledge, experience of the consultant and their ability to adapt to a change in the problem statement. In most of cases, the original issue may not be the only issue that needed solving- or alternatively it was not the root issue at all. At that point, the ability of the consultant to flexibly adapt to the new situation is very critical.

We, at Ettihad Consulting Group, spends more time on discovery meetings with the clients, understanding their problems, mapping their requirements, associating with domain experts and formulating solutions, in consultation with the client, which is bespoke and easily adaptable.

Seeking Consultancy